Make It Yourself, Princess

Make It Yourself, Princess

I'm Back in Action!

I took a year off, but now I'm back! We had a baby, just about to turn one. That's enough to throw anyone off of their schedule. I know bloggy moms that do this with panache, it just so happens that I am not one of them ;)
Fun Little Projects-
Some projects look SO simple, until you try to get the materials, and the tools and the time together. Suddenly, it is hard to balance all three. I have managed to get a wee little bit of time together and made of few things. I'm hoping to write up the pictures for you guys soon.
Craft Fairs-
October 18th- The pumpkin Spice Bazaar in Brockton, MA will have lots of fun things available for gift shopping. This is a fundraiser to ensure the elderly at Emmanuel House have a budget for activities. This is a worthy cause, and I'm glad to be a part of it.
November 15th- Holy Name Christmas Bazaar in Springfield, MA. This year will mark my third year with this church show, I am expanding my inventory and hoping to make a big splash!
Hope to see you at a show! If you can't make it out, don't worry, the Etsy store is up and running and I am slowly adding a few items at a time! 

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